Chevron Flight Sweater

Oct. 23, 2018

From beginning to final sweater.

I really loved the fair isle motif from my Chevron Flight Hat and thought it would work nicely on a circular yoke sweater as well. So the Chevron Flight Sweater was conceived!

Here are it's humble beginnings:

Body and one sleeve done:

This sweater is knit from the bottom up, seamlessly, in the round. First the body is worked straight up to the underarms. Next, two sleeves are made and then knitted right on to the body. A few short rows are worked to shape the bottom of the yoke. Once the yoke motif and shaping are complete a final set of short rows are worked to raise the back of the neck. it's a relaxing knit, not too complicated at all!

A previous tester of mine (ionai on Ravelry) astutely pointed out my chevrons would look better if they opposed each other instead of going in the same direction.

I knit a swatch to see....

...and I definitely agreed!

I wasnt happy with my short row back neck shaping as it was invading the front too much. So I reworked the numbers to change it. I ripped out the part of the yoke, reknit the last chevron motif in it's new direction and fixed the short rows, too! Much, much better!

Here are before and after pics:

Here it is the final sweater:

Chevron Flight Sweater is now available on Ravelry!