Mykonos Wrap KAL

Aug. 12, 2015


When I designed the Mykonos Wrap I had summer, gauzy, lace weight yarn in mind. However, the great thing about this piece is that it works with just about any yarn weight from lace to even worsted. A fingering weight or sport weight woud be ideal choices if you want a little more warmth and thickness for the transitional seasons. It can be worn draped around your shoulders and it will still be light enough to scrunch up around your neck.

A DK or worsted will provide even more warmth and thickness for the cold winter months. When using the heavier yarns, decreasing the width to scarf size would keep it from getting to thick and bulky, unless that is your intention.

Wool and wool blends(silk, cashmere) are perfect choices to keep the wrap light and drapey. Linen would be a great alternative especially in these warmer months when you don't want any warmth or insulation. I love that so many color variations can be used. You can go really bright and cheerful with contrasting colors or keep things calm and quiet with a neutral palette. Solid color yarns versus variegated or multicolored yarns will create even more interesting combinations and effects. Even choosing one color throughout would create a lovely wrap.

As we head into fall my thoughts shift to cooler weather, leaves changing colors, and the wind blowing them off the trees. I will be casting on in a fingering weight yarn so I can wrap it around my neck to ward off the chill. I am choosing fall colors: for my main color I am using Knit Picks Capretta in Topaz(sadly discontinued) and a multicolor yarn(I dyed it myself!) for the lace panels.