Mykonos Wrap Post 5

Sept. 2, 2015

The KAL has come to an end and I changed my mind about some things along the way.

We come to the end of the KAL and the final step to take before completing your project is blocking, which is vital for the Mykonos Wrap. It opens up the mesh lace sections and creates an airy, drapey, flat wrap. The best way to block this piece is to first soak in warm water and wool wash for about 30 minutes. Rinse, then gently squeeze out the excess water. Place wrap in a towel, roll up, and squeeze some more to remove as much water as you can. Next, lay out the wrap on towels or blocking mats and arrange to fit the measurements. Once dry, you will see how your wrap has been transformed. My unblocked measurements were: 50" L x 12" W. Final measurements, after blocking: 70" L x 11" W.

I also wanted to talk about my process this week and the changes I made as I worked my way through the KAL. As I was knitting this piece, I just wasn't enjoying the process. I realized it was due to my yarn choices. The fall colors that looked so beautiful in my mind really didn't work out how I had hoped. I even liked the colors together when the balls of yarn were next to each other. Once they were knit, however, everything changed. In fact, I felt like I was knitting something my grandmother would have made back in the 1970's. Hmmm. So what to do now...thinking, thinking. Aha! I had a skein of Swans Island Natural Colors fingering weight yarn kicking around in my stash just waiting for the perfect project. This turned out to be that perfect project.
I decided to cast on even less stitches than the first go round to make this into more of a scarf than a wrap. As I talked about last week, I incorporated the progressively narrowing, then widening garter and mesh striping sequence. In addition, I decided to go monochromatic and use just one color instead of two. I used exactly 1 skein of yarn, which fortunately worked out perfectly.
I couldn't be happier with the changes I made. I just love this version!