Alternate Cable Cast On

for 1 x 1 ribbing

1. Make a slip knot and put on left needle: (This will be considered a purl st)

2. Place needle into st from front to back as if to knit

3. Knit the stitch but leave it on needle

4. Pull loop through

5. Put loop onto left needle

6. Pull gently to tighten st

7. Place needle in between sts from back to front

8. Purl without slipping yarn off the needle

9. Pull loop through and put on left needle

10. Place needle in between sts from front to back

11. Knit without slipping yarn off needle, pull loop through and put back on left needle

12. Repeat steps 7-11 until you have desired number of sts, end with a knit st

Note: Before joining your alternate cable cast on in the round, work a k1, p1 row flat first