All In a Row Hat

Sept. 13, 2015

New pattern for Holla Knits.

I came up with the idea in the midst of our very long, cold winter in the Northeast. I think I was longing for spring and had flowers on my mind. The flower motif I created is based on whimsical Swedish style flowers. As I was willing spring to hurry up I envisioned the flowers growing up from the ground and I incorporated that in my pattern by having the flower stems "grow" from the k2, p1 brim. I chose colors with muted tones since I was still influenced by cold, gray days and my intention for this design was more of a winter flower rather than brightly colored spring/summer flowers. But just because I designed this during the darkness of winter doesn't mean it must be knit with subdued colors! One of the things I Iove about using multiple colors are the endless color combinations. I can't wait to see what people create with their hats!

I designed this to have just a touch of slouch, but you could easily increase the slouch factor by knitting more before starting the crown decreases or knitting less if you don’t want any slouch at all.

It is a fun and quick knit, with just enough fair isle to keep it interesting. It is the perfect hat to perk up your winter wardrobe!

 photo IWqZfL1441996992_zpsg2rnotmy.jpg